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Located in one of the largest wine regions in Latin America - recognized as the birthplace of the Malbec grape -Entre Cielos produces its own exclusive wine named "Marantal", in three lines.

Marantal Young, Marantal Classic and Gran Marantal.

Marantal is the name of a star in the constellation of Orion. When we first saw this beautiful property, the intense blue sky and the view of the Andes, we all looked up, saw the Orion clear and bright up there and experienced the shared emotion of affirming that this was going to be the place to realize our dream. Thus, Marantal star came to symbolize the inner confirmation which we all felt at that incredible moment.

3.2 hectares of Malbec vines grow on the site, whose Terroir (soil) history goes back more than eighty years.

We have started the project from scratch, and have thus been able to sit down with our enologist and decide exactly how we wish to shape our vineyard and wines.

The first recognition of our work with our resident Enolog Hubert Weber, came with the judgement of a famous wine expert - Fabrizio Tapia - the editor of the book 'Descorchados'. He rated our Housewine Marantal Malbec 2010 with 91 points, and the Gran Marantal Malbec 2010 with 93 points, which makes this wine one of the 20 best Malbec 2013.

In addition to the 'House Wine' Marantal, discovering new and classic creations from local wineries is a never-ending experience in Mendoza, and brings color, flavor and satisfaction all year round.

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