What are the opening hours of the Hamam+Spa?

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Tuesday-Sunday 10am-9pm. Mondays the Hamam is closed unless it's a holiday day. In that case the hamam is closed on tuesday. Please consult.

What do I need to bring with me to the Hamam+Spa?

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We will provide you with everything you need!

Upon arrival at the reception you will be presented with a hamam set. The set consists of a metal container - the bowl - , an exfoliating glove - kese- , flip-flops and a pestemal - a type of body wrap robe made from pure cotton used as your bathing suit . - . Upon finishing the circuit all clients are given a bath rope and you will find shampoo/shower gel and conditioner in the changing room showers.Bring a hair brush with you, and personal beauty products if you so desire.

Can I bring my own bathing suit?

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It is not allowed to wear your own bath suit. Please understand this is a matter of hygienic prevention.

You will feel comfortable in the Pestemal, which covers your entire body. You will not be seen naked in the public spaces. The only two rooms where you will take off the Pestemal are private.

Does the Hamam+Spa have a mixed gender policy?

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The Hamam+Spa has a changing room for women and a changing room for men. In the Hamam Center there is no problem to meet other genders, as you are walking in the public spaces with the Pestemal around you, which covers more of your body than a normal bath suit.

The steam rooms, the exfoliation rooms are private. As the hamam is accessed by reservation only, we manage the timing following the circuit in order to respect your privacy. We are happy to coordinate a time, where we can make sure, that only same genders will be in the hamam.

Are minors allowed into the Hamam+Spa?

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As the Hamam is a Circuit with steam and heat, it is not recommended to accept Children. Also it is a place where people come to relax. If you are a parent who wants to be accompanied by your children that are over 15 years old, we can make an exception provided that you take full responsibility regarding the health and discipline of your children.

May I wash my hair, or place a hydrating package on my hair or skin during the Hamam circuit?

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We have very nice changing room with large shower where you are free to do so.

It is forbidden to wash your hair within the Hamam Circuit, and strictly forbidden to put a hairmask on your hair for the Hamam Circuit.

Please do not use any hydrating cream or lotion on your skin before entering the Hamam Circuit.

May I take my mobile device with me into the Hamam circuit?

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As the interior of the Hamam does not have Wifi Signal, and the place is humid - we do not recommend to take with you any kind of objects.

We have lockers in the changing room that you can lock with a key.

We recommend that you take the key with you - it has a bracelet.

I would love to invite my friends to experience the Hamam together. Is that possible?

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On previous reservation we are happy to reserve the hamam for your group. Our Hamam Master will plan the event with you. We accept groups of max. 20 persons.

If I do have a health issue, what precautions should be taken prior to experiencing the Hamam circuit?

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The Hamam is a humid place and the steam bath has a high temperature. If you have low/high blood pressure or a heart disease - it is better to have the approval of your doctor that heat and humidity do not affect you.

If you have a cold, a skin disease with open wounds, or a fever then we kindly ask you to come again when you are healthy.

The hamam master is always on hand in case of an emergency.

Is it possible to experience the Hamam circuit while I am pregnant?

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Heat and humidity could affect your blood pressure, so we do not recommend to do the Hamam Circuit. We are happy to offer massages or other Spa treatments to you.

Is it possible to have a massage together with my partner?

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Our Hamam massage rooms have all the max occupancy of 3 persons. If we know 24 hours in advance that you wish the massage with 2 friends together or with your partner we are able to provide this service.

For the Spa treatments its only possible for the massages of 2 persons together. Beauty treatments can only be done one person at a time.

Can a woman go to the hamam when she is having her menstruation?

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We do not recommend the classic circuit to women who are menstruating.

The heat can directly provoke haemorrhage. Also the blood pressure could go down.