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Insider’s Guide To Mendoza

Get in the know about what to see, do and experience when in the Mendoza countryside, sailing from port to port in the Mediterranean, or while in the breathtaking Swiss Alps. Read on for insider tips.

  • Woman Out for a Night of Dancing

    Experience Mendoza Nightlife

    November 05

    After a day at our spa, explore the other side of the Mendoza Valley – its fantastic nightlife. Arístides Night offers up a unique, bohemian experience to enjoy before a night of dancing with friends.

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  • blog_NOv

    Brand new vineyard lofts

    October 24

    How wonderful would it be to wake up in a high-end Suite midst in the Vineyards? We are pleased to introduce you our VINEYARD LOFTS,
    8 New Suites tucked in Entre Cielos’ Vineyards

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  • Cheese and Meat Board

    Join Us for Dinner

    October 01

    Excellent service elevates the atmosphere, great food, and delivers an unforgettable experience – and Katharina Bistro does both. Endearingly romantic, you’ll find yourself wining and dining the hours away with fabulous Argentinian meals.

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  • Spa

    Invigorate Your Senses At Our Spa

    September 03

    For exclusive treatments aimed at restoring relaxation and removing toxins, Entre Cielos offers the ultimate in spa services. Boasting the only traditional hammam in all of Latin America, you can experience the best of these Turkish rituals during your stay.

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  • steak and red wine

    Malbec + Meat = A Little Bit of Magic

    August 06

    On average, Argentinians eat about a pound of meat per day, lots of it served (and savored) at an asado. Think of it as the Argentine version of your backyard barbecue but, trust us, this is no ordinary neighborhood get-together.

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