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Immersive Journeys

At Entre Cielos Journeys, we invite you to vacation outside of the box to a place where spirits soar while sailing, where energy is restored while hiking the Swiss Alps, and where sleep happens more easily under a starry sky. Join us for incredible experiences that come naturally, and take home the best souvenirs of all — unforgettable memories.

Entre Cielos Mendoza Loft Suite

Entre Cielos Luxury
Wine Hotel & Spa

While losing yourself in the splendor of the Andes Mountains amid the Malbec vines, you’ll find our modern boutique retreat and working vineyard — a one-of-a-kind place promising tranquility and escape that’s far from the ordinary.

entre cielos gulet sail boat

Entre Cielos Maritime Greece

Board a luxurious sailboat for an exhilarating
adventure across the Mediterranean Sea.

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EC  Swiss alps

Entre Cielos Swiss Alps

Explore the magnificent Swiss Alps by day,
followed by a cozy evening by the fire in a
modern, well-appointed chalet.

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EntreCielos Brand TheSpirit MendozaEcoHabs

Mendoza Eco Camp

Become one with nature in an eco camp
in the middle of a vineyard, surrounded
by the Andes.

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