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We know you'll find exploring the Mediterranean with us to be an exhilarating maritime experience. However, you may have some questions about your upcoming voyage. Hopefully, the answers below will help you plan your sailing holiday in Greece, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Is it safe to travel on a gulet? Will I get seasick?

Gulets do not cross oceans; they always travel close to the shore. If the weather is bad, the yacht will always stay in a safe port. You should not be seasick as our sailing yacht is a large, heavy and stable vessel.

What is included in the charter price?

The yacht with five cabins for up to 12 people and a five-person crew, as well as port fees and insurance. Charter guests are responsible for the cost of food and beverages, fuel and tips (we estimate these to be an additional 30 to 35 percent above the charter price).

What can I do on a charter cruise?

Relax and have fun! Enjoy activities, including swimming, snorkeling, water skiing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding and diving. Take in the sun while island hopping or beach hopping. Take in all the sites while exploring quaint towns, or simply get into a good book while feeling gentle sea breezes through your hair. Plus enjoy the very best in local cuisine and fine wines.

Can I change the itinerary once on board?

Itineraries are created in advance by the captain to ensure the best experience. The captain may change course, depending on the weather. If you wish to change the itinerary while on board, you may speak with the captain to see what’s possible, and he will advise you if there are any additional costs as a result of the change. The crew will always do whatever they can to ensure you have the most memorable experience onboard.

Why would I choose a gulet over a traditional motor yacht or sailing yacht?

By design, gulets are much more comfortable than traditional sailboats and are less expensive to operate compared to motor yachts. Also, while similar in nature, real sailing yachts are for sport, while gulets are for leisure.

What is the best way to book a yacht charter?

For charters aboard the S/Y Entre Cielos, you can either book directly through Entre Cielos or a traditional travel agency.

Is it possible to book just a cabin or do I have to charter the whole boat? Is it ok if there are only a few of us?

For the S/Y Entre Cielos, you must charter the whole boat, which can have up to 12 guests. Whether you are two, four or six people, the whole yacht will be all yours, yours to determine the schedule, the food and your preferences the way that you want. Only on specific dates and ports can you join a cruise just by booking a cabin. You will share the boat with like-minded guests and enjoy the predefined route and schedule.